You are more than just a consumer of beer. Today, you are also an arbiter of delicious.

The two blue rubber bottlecaps in your glass are yours to dispense. Each represents one vote toward the people’s choice award. There are 45 homebrewers to choose from. If you are torn between determining which one is your favorite, then cast your votes two ways.

There will be three finalists for today’s award. So be equitable, forthright, and just.

Below is a key to help you navigate your palette wrecking experience. Plan accordingly. Try sampling as many homebrews as possible before settling on a winner(s). The voting will end promptly at 4 for the purposes of tallying and announcing the winner in a timely fashion. Reminders of your obligations will occur throughout the event to keep you on track.

In addition to the people’s choice award, judge’s are working behind the scenes to determine on the basis of style guidelines, which beer is the best. An awards’ ceremony for both will occur just prior to the events conclusion so plan on sticking around and enjoying the festivities with us till the end.

Thank you so much for your support of our friends, family, and community. Today we celebrate those who slave away diligently over boil kettles and mash tuns to bring you brown bottles full of neighborly love.

And a special thanks to our sponsors: Stein Fillers Homebrew Supply Store for their generously assisting and overseeing today’s judging competition. Also, to Syncopated Brewing for their generous award of a Pro-Am collaboration Brew for today’s Judge’s Choice award winner.







# Brewer Name(s) Club Affiliation Beer Style Beer Name
1 Pujen Solanki & Niyati Butala LB Homebrewers Cream Ale PJ's Cream Ale
2 Greg Jackson LB Homebrewers American Porter Pigs in the Parlor
3 David Dillon LB Homebrewers Stout Oats and Hoes
4 Ray Grace LB Homebrewers Imperial Black IPA Black Plague-Omicron Variant
5 Michelle Buck LB Homebrewers German Wheat w/ Orange Blossom A Kiss of Sunshine
6 Josh Brewer LB Homebrewers Hazy IPA Supersonic Haze
7 DJ & Liz Kelly LB Homebrewers Golden Stout The Fair Leprechaun
8 Eric Dennis LB Homebrewers Fruit Beer Francis the Draque Meyer Lemon Mojito Beer
9 Adam & Tasha Flynn OC Mash Ups American Pale Ale New Day
10 Brian Miller OC Mash Ups Experimental Jasmine Sake Saison
11 Paul Watson OC Mash Ups Wild Ale w/ Peaches Lithuanian Farmhouse Saison w/Peach
12 Rocky Evans OC Mash Ups Experimental Ale Cherry Marshmallow Sour
13 Scott & Carrie McFarlane OC Mash Ups Pilsner Bitterest Pilsner
14 Cyrus Baluyot QUAFF Uniltered IPA Chubby Lipstick
15 Steven Padfield N/A Dark Mild Rational Behavior
16 Scott McGuire N/A Cream Ale w/ Espresso & Vanilla Morning Recess
17 Joel Mennella w/ Stateside Crafts Bombshelter LB West Coast IPA STRATAVARIUS
18 Michael & Beth Carroll Two Jacks IPA Judge Hopner
19 John Aproda & Kristian Pedroza Worlds Apart Belgian Blonde Lilibeth
20 David Cantarero So Cal Cerveceros IPA w/ Raspberry She Wore a Raspberry PA
21 Alex Ruiz w/ Melvin & Zaneta Marroquin-Santana So Cal Cerveceros American IPA Still Historic
22 Andy & Jose Trejo So Cal Cerveceros Fruit Beer Dame Frescura
23 Jose Guillen So Cal Cerveceros Czech Dark Lager Goth Boi
24 Ruben Leon & Ryan Rivas So Cal Cerveceros Pale Ale w/ Orange Zest The Dream is Over
25 Masahiro Kitano So Cal Cerveceros NEIPA Potato Heady Topper
26 Tyler Sadler So Cal Cerveceras Belgian Blond Ale Belgy Blond Boi
27 Lourdes Ceja & Ezequiel Arellanes So Cal Cerveceras Hazy IPA Chasing Clouds
28 Malissa Medina So Cal Cerveceras Belgian Farmhouse Ale Les Poils Du Chien
29 Violet Kaplan So Cal Cerveceras Schwarzbier Light and Dark
30 Steve Kaplan So Cal Cerveceros Bohemian Pilsner NoHo Bo
31 Ramon Serrano & Rasyel Lopez & Federico Orozco Socios Brewing Hazy IPA No Name
32 Anthony Paz & Sal Diaz Epigraph Brewing Milkshake IPA Jungle Brews
33 Zach Alexander N/A Imperial Stout Autumn Wind
34 Daren Lacher & Chris Chase N/A American Pale Ale Cleaning Shop
35 Alan & Kristen Gatz N/A Blonde Ale w/ Strawberry Strawberry Beaches
36 Jesse Flores LB Homebrewers Belgian Blond Crayon Blonde
37 Tom Fontes LB Homebrewers American Wheat Rose Park Wheat
38 Ben Wilson & Cristina Casalicchio LB Homebrewers Smoothie Beer Mango Shmango
39 Val Guerrero LB Homebrewers Spice Beer (Stout) Missing Numbers
40 Chris & Roger Sotelo LB Homebrewers West Coast Pilsner Eclitra
41 Jim Muller LB Homebrewers Golden Stout After Thought
42 Rob Berrones LB Homebrewers Belgian Dubble Eviction Notice
43 Michael Rascon LB Homebrewers West Coast IPA Damage Control
44 Jay Perez Maltose Falcons Wild Ale Maiden Voyage
45 Rick Morales Maltose Falcons Vienna Lager Cerveza Morena

Ambitious Ales

  • Cinco Muertes – Our take on the Mexican-Style Dark Lager
  • Gandalf The Crisp – New Zealand Pilsner
  • VIP ONLY – BBA Sophisticated Mama – Belgian Tripel aged in Rabbit Hole Bourbon barrels.
  • VIP ONLY – Jean Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg – Imperial Stout aged in Willet Bourbon barrels

Beachwood Brewing

  • Foam Top – Blonde Ale
  • Beach Retreat – IPA
  • Umeshiso – Belgian Sour Ale

Liberation Brewing

  • Tamper – American Dark Lager w/Espresso – 5.1% ABV
  • Form and Content – French -Style Rye Saison w/Nelson & Brett – 5.8% ABV
  • How the Light Gets In – Belgian-Style Tripel – 8.6% ABV
  • Illusion of Movement – Belgian-Style Quad w/Brett – 9.5% ABV

Syncopated Brewing

  • New Double IPA
  • Pilsen’ In The Wind – Pilsner
  • VIP ONLY – Chai Tea 4.09

Ten Mile Brewing

  • Maggie Mae – Blonde Ale
  • Hooked on Onyx – Black IPA
  • VIP ONLY – Grounded in Myth – Super Saison