You are more than just a consumer of beer. Today, you are also an arbiter of delicious.

The two reddish/orange rubber bottlecaps in your glass are yours to dispense. Each represents one vote toward the people’s choice award. There are 45 homebrewers to choose from. If you are torn between determining which one is your favorite, then cast your votes two ways. PLEASE DO VOTE! You’ll have a chance to get the bottle caps back after voting is complete.

There will be three finalists for today’s award. So be equitable, forthright, and just.

Below is a key to help you navigate your palette wrecking experience. Plan accordingly. Try sampling as many homebrews as possible before settling on a winner(s). The voting will end promptly at 4 for the purposes of tallying and announcing the winner in a timely fashion. Reminders of your obligations will occur throughout the event to keep you on track.

In addition to the people’s choice award, judge’s are working behind the scenes to determine on the basis of style guidelines, which beer is the best. An awards’ ceremony for both will occur just prior to the events conclusion so plan on sticking around and enjoying the festivities with us till the end.

Thank you so much for your support of our friends, family, and community. Today we celebrate those who slave away diligently over boil kettles and mash tuns to bring you brown bottles full of neighborly love.

And a special thanks to our sponsors: Stein Fillers Homebrew Supply Store for their generously assisting and overseeing today’s judging competition. Also, to Ten Mile Brewing for their generous award of a Pro-Am collaboration Brew for today’s Judge’s Choice award winner.








# Brewer Beer Style Beer Name
1 N/A N/A N/A
2 Ray Grace West Coast IPA West Coast IPA
3 Doug Moyer Dark Table Saison Summer Night in Wallonia
4 Eric D Dennis Imperial Stout Sombra Imperial Stout
5 David Dillon Specialty IPA Hop Scotch
6 Daniel Sepulveda Pumpkin Saison Just Bought the Farm
7 Brent Dreher American Amber Ale Sealing Wax Red Ale
8 Peter Johann Kolsch Tünnes und Schel
9 Rob Berrones Cream Ale Gold Saucer Cream Ale
10 Jim Muller Specialty IPA The Red
11 Mike Rascon German Pale Lager Mike Bock
12 Gregory Jackson Red IPA Colleen Rúa
13 STEINFILLERS Not competing
14 Cyrus  Baluyot Spice Beer THE Ube Beer
15 Miguel Santoyo Hazy DIPA Let Me Introduce Myself
16 Steven Padfield IPA Delta Breeze IPA
17 Joel Mennella Cold IPA Menella Ice
18 Michelle Buck  American Porter Polly's Porter
19 Anthony Paz New Zealand Pilsner Pils-bo Baggins
20 DJ Kelly Fruit Ale The Snozzberries Taste Like Snozzberries
21 Val Guerrero DIPA Heartwell Park DIPA
22 Christopher Sotelo Fruit Ale Raspberry Tart Ale
23 Tom Fontes International Pale Lager Rose Park Lager
24 Marvin Gomez Cream Ale All That Glitters
25 Jay perez  Wild Specialty Blend 8-The Clouds Above Me
26 Masahiro Kitano American Wild Ale "Funky Sh*t!!"
27 John Aproda German Pils Stacking Stones
28 Andy Trejo American Pale Ale Pescador
29 Violet Kaplan International Pale Lager Rice Lager
30 Sujung Lim Saison Timmur Saison
31 Ryan Rivas Specialty IPA FOMO Pils
32 David Cantarero Saison Saison-ame Street
33 Laurie Ann Gutierrez  Specialty Cider Peach Emoji
34 Guillermo Paramount Stout Biscuits to a Bear
35 Carlos Maldonado Spice Beer El Hefe's Dirty Chai
36 Ramon Serrano/Rasyel Lopez (Socios Brewing) Stout ToastyMello
37 Adam & Tasha Flynn American Pale Ale No Rooz
38 Brian Miller Spice Beer Nutellager
39 Zach Alexander Specialty Saison Bring Your Own Fruit
40 Moises Arteaga Imperial Stout Beast Chariot
41 Daren Lacher West Coast IPA Short Hop IPA
42 Connor Lock American Table Brown Little Brown Willy
43 Jesse Flores Blonde Ale Beach Blonde
44 Joseph Ciatti Pale American Beer Pils Argentino
45 Arnolf Chavez American IPA Tropical Mosaic IPA

Altar Society Brewing

  • Todos Los Dias – Mexican Lager
  • Eye of Providence – AU/NZ Hopped Hazy IPA
  • VIP ONLY – Dark Rituals – Vanilla Mocha Stout

Ambitious Ales

  • Baktuns – Imperial Stout with Coffee, Ancho + Guajillo Chillies and Vanilla Beans.
  • Batman Rapids – West Coast IPA with Kohia Nelson and NZ Cascade.
  • VIP ONLY – BBA Baktuns

Beachwood Brewing

  • TBA

Ficklewood Ciderworks

  • Bramblebark
  • Guava Grove
  • VIP ONLY – Tom Kha Saison

Long Beach Beer Lab

  • Stimulus Package – West Coast IPA
  • King of the Petri Dish – WCIPA Collab w/King Harbor
  • VIP ONLY – Pit of Dis-pear – Wild Ale w/Pears
  • VIP ONLY – Time Lapse – Dry Hopped Brett Saison

Syncopated Brewing
     Jesus Three Ways:
       1) Latch Hook Jesus – American Lager
       2) Calamansi Jesus
       3) Peach Tea Jesus

Ten Mile Brewing

  • Hidden Hollow – Kentucky Common
  • TBA

Trademark Brewing

  • Sosumi – Double Dry Hopped Saison
  • Celebr8 – West Coast Lager